36 Hours in Haverfordwest

photo2We at BIHR packed our bags for a luxuriously long spell of 36 hours in the Pembrokeshire town of Haverfordwest in West Wales. Whilst we we there we held an afternoon event with members of Pembrokeshire People First (PPF), and then held a Human Rights Tour event the following day. Here are two perspectives on the events:

A view on the afternoons events by guest blogger: Lucy Hinksman of Pembrokeshire People First

I was really happy that the BIHR came down to Pembrokeshire a day early to meet up with the members of PPF.  photo4It was a great day, where we got to talk about our human rights experiences, chat about Pembrokeshire People First, and learn more about the Human Rights Act, and who it applies to. It was also a chance to get creative making human rights bunting, which everyone seemed to enjoy. Some of us were videoed to tell parliament to leave the Human Rights Act alone.  I am really looking forward to seeing the human rights bunting on tour, and hope the government sees it.

A view on the days Human rights Tour event by guest blogger: Giles from Pembrokeshire People First

The presentation on the Human Rights Act, done by two enthusiastic, committed and knowledgeable presenters, was both informative and enjoyable. The debate engendered was at times challenging.

DSC_0192From my point of view, as an advocate for People with Learning Disabilities, I was obviously aware of the HRA. However what was new for me – and empowering – was the idea of quoting specific sections of the Act as a tool in trying to get the voices of advocacy partners heard and to enable them to get their choices acted on. I was especially interested to hear how Article 8, even if it is a ‘qualified’ right, can be used to ensure that the least restrictive option is put in place.  The more that those in positions of power and control over vulnerable people know and understand about rights legislation and the principles that should flow from this the more that human rights will actually be observed in spirit.

My ambition for advocacy is that it withers away because it is no longer needed. That day will come when human rights are respected by all and acted upon by all.


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