Small Charity Week: Why I love volunteering for a Small Charity


Why I love volunteering for a small charity by BIHR volunteer Natalie Threlfall

I’ve been volunteering at the British Institute of Human Rights for four months and I can’t imagine anywhere I’d enjoy working more. BIHR is a charity that is only small in the sense that every member of staff (plus the volunteers!) fit in one office. Nothing I have done here has ever felt small, and the projects I work on are based anywhere from the very top of the UK to the very bottom. Helping a small charity on big projects has also meant I’ve had the opportunity to really put my skills to the test. When important human rights cases happen that change how the law affects the people we work with, I help get the rest of the team on top of the detail and what the case means.

Mostly though, I love working for a small charity because I have learnt so much more than I ever thought was possible. Being in the same office with people who have an amazing amount of expertise and experience in the field of human rights means that I have only got to shout out a question if there is anything I want to know. The office is always so busy and yet the amazing staff are never too busy to teach me and the other volunteers something new.

Every day at BIHR brings something new to do; I’ve tried my hand at blogging, badge-making, fundraising, tweeting and baking cakes and though I’ve not yet had to knit a chicken I really can’t think of a place where I could learn as much or have more fun, and that’s why I love volunteering for a small charity.

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