Why I love volunteering for a small charity

Why I love volunteering for a small charity by BIHR volunteer and guest blogger Hedvig Obenius

As a Human Rights student the British Institute of Human Rights is the place to be! To see how human rights are applied in real life, as opposed to an academic environment, is an amazing opportunity, and during my two months of volunteering I have gained invaluable experience in how human rights are brought life. I particularly enjoy seeing how we work with human rights outside the courtrooms. By working together with organisations on how to implement human rights policies, training practitioners and raising public awareness, human rights are less likely to be violated in the first place. When you hear about the success stories resulting from such preventive actions it makes you feel positive towards the future of human rights in the UK and proud of the BIHR.

A benefit of volunteering for a small charity is that you have the opportunity to see all aspects of the organisation, which makes the day-to-day tasks wide-ranging. Another advantage is that there little red-tape so you can get stuff done and make a real impact! The staff at BIHR is very knowledgeable and passionate about human rights, and it is incredibly inspiring to be a part of such a dedicated team. Whilst everyone is working immensely hard, we also have lots of fun.

I am confident that the skills I have gained will prove useful in the future, and that my time with BIHR will be an unforgettable memory.